Cooperation 业务合作

Cooperation 业务合作

Amerigen’s growth business development strategy is focused on three key principles: internal product development; collaborative development; and in-licensing/acquisitions of products and technologies.


In the US market, Amerigen is committed in developing generic and complex products with a robust pipeline of more than 30 ANDAs, half of them are high value First-to-File (FTF) opportunities. In the China market, excepting for commercializing Amerigen’s existing portfolio of approved products, Amerigen is bringing selected complex US ANDAs to China, following the recent regulations by CFDA.

在美国市场,爱美津致力于高难度仿制药的开发,目前已经拥有了30多个产品的产品线,其中近一半是高附加值的首报产品(First-to-file Product)。在中国市场,除了销售与合作目前已经获批的产品之外,爱美津顺应目前中国政府的改革,目前正选择性的将美国的高难度仿制药产品引入到中国市场。

As we expand our China pharmaceuticals business, Amerigen is committed to seeking local partnerships that fit our capabilities, enhance our corporate goals and strengthen our competitive position. We regard partnership and collaboration as an integral part of our China business development strategy. This important initiative is supported by a local BD team.


Besides US and China market, Amerigen will also evaluate opportunities in other territories if they may provide strategic returns for the company.



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