Career path 职业道路

Career path 职业道路

In Amerigen, several different career paths are possible. Which is the right one for you?



General Management Career Channel 综合管理职业道路

Interested in leading an organization and the people in it? Then the General Management Career Channel is for you! Become a leader in the organization…team leader, general manager, Amerigen offers opportunities, continuous training, and development for those high performers who have the potential, and the motivation, to lead us into the future!


Functional Management Career Channel 职能管理职业道路

| Finance | Human Resources | Information Technology | Engineering| Materials Management | Quality |Manufacturing |Business Development |Project Management|
Interested in managing, but want to stay focused on your functional area of expertise? Amerigen will support your growth when you take the Functional Management Career Channel, and then you will be able to use your knowledge to manage people in your specific area!



R&D Subject Matter Expert Career Channel 研发主题研究专家职业道路

| Formulation R & D |Analytical R & D |

Are you a top Expert in the generic product development area? Do you want to continue to develop your technical skills, and stay out in the lead of your field of expertise? Expertise knowledge advancement and career advancement go hand in hand when you choose the Expert Career Channel!


你是一个仿制药领域产品开发的顶尖的专家么?您想继续发展您的专业技能,    并且能够保持自己在专业领域的领先地位么?当您选择研发专业技能职业道 路,您专业知识的加强和职业的发展将携手并进!